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Ben Affleck: Republicans 'Had a Chance' but Romney Not Seen as 'Real Person'
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2 Oct 2012 12:24 PM EST

-by Alex Mangini, Staff Writer; Image: Ben Affleck (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

As the political world readies itself for what will be a highly analyzed and talked about debate in the first meeting between incumbent President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, many celebrities and non-politicians are coming forth to offer their two cents on what has been an extremely divisive race.

While often looked at as “Liberal Hollywood,” the silver screen is not without its fair share of conservative enclaves, or rather people willing to question the Democratic track record in Washington.

Actor and director Ben Affleck, who was an adamant Obama supporter and campaigner during the Commander-in-Chief’s successful run against John McCain in 2008, expressed his belief that the 44th President’s first term has been somewhat of a disappointment, falling short of the many bold promises made four years ago.

“I voted for Obama last time although he got to be all things to all people then,” Affleck told the Associated Press. “And now he’s got a record which makes it really different... I obviously have more complicated feelings.”

Still, the Good Will Hunting actor isn't disappointed enough to cast a vote for the other guy, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

“I think Republicans really had a chance to win,” Affleck said, according to the AP. “And they kind of ended up with like a sort of Mike Dukakis, Al Gore, Bob Dole type—who just couldn’t get people to see him as a real person somehow. Romney just had such trouble coming off as just like the kind of person you see at the grocery store. And I truly believe that has cost him the election.”

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