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Alanis Morissette Confirms 'American Idol' Talks, Is 'Open to the Idea' of Judging
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24 Aug 2012 09:36 AM EST

-by Anthony Bell, Contributing Writer; Image: Alanis Morissette being inducted to the Hollywood Rockwalk (Image Source: WireImage)

American Idol is still searching for judges, with practically every big name in the music world—and some beyond—being thrown into the hat.

It was reported earlier this month, though not officially confirmed, that Alanis Morissette may be in talks to join the Idol judges’ table. While previously she had said she was “in talks with somebody,” she gave some further insight into those talks while attending her induction to the Hollywood Rockwalk.

“Yes, I have been in conversations about it, and that’s the degree to which I can share the info right now,” the musician told CNN.

While her talks have officially been confirmed, nothing is set in stone—not even on Idol itself, with all the judge drama and rumors floating around about a possible Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud and Randy Jackson’s future as a possible mentor. Still, Morissette added that she’s definitely open to the idea of judging the competition.

“I live to mentor, so my heart is much more open to the idea of that than even 10 years ago when I, perhaps, wasn’t in a position to be able to offer much advice, solicited or otherwise,” Morissette explained. “[B]ut I love watching people and just getting really curious about what they want and what they need and what their goals are, and then I can support them. I would do it formally, for sure.”

There is, however, a problem with the Morissette theory: if Minaj is “100 percent confirmed” to be joining the lineup and—if rumors are to be believed—Carey isn’t happy about having female competition, adding a third female judge would completely upset the balance, even if they decided to reformat the table and have a fourth judge’s chair. With four chairs, it would make more sense to have two males and two females, but a three-woman panel is doubtful to happen.

Meanwhile, many names have been floating around as possible judges, including Nick Jonas, Keith Urban, Kanye West, Charlie Sheen, Enrique Iglesias... and countless others. Who would you like to see filling the empty seats left by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler? Comment below!

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