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John Travolta Had Alleged Affair with Pilot for Six Years
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24 Jul 2012 10:25 AM EST

-by Molly C. Braswell, Staff Writer; Image: John Travolta (Image Source:

Grease star John Travolta has never been able to shake those gay rumors, and now another one has hit him.

Travolta, 58, was allegedly sleeping with one of his pilots, Doug Gotterba, 60, for six years in the 1980s, Joan Edwards, Travolta’s former personal secretary, told the National Inquirer. Gotterba began working for Travolta in 1981.

Edwards worked for Travolta from 1978 to 1994.

“I did everything for him, including taking care of his personal and professional schedules. Of course I knew he was gay. It never bothered me.” Edwards said. “That’s how I met Doug. We both worked for John at the same time. Doug is a wonderful guy and we are still good friends. He told me that John was gay and they had a sexual relationship.”

Gotterba was not quoted in the National Inquirer story. It only says he confirmed the allegations.

Robert Britz, a different former boyfriend of Travolta, did give the rag some first-hand information of his and Travolta’s relationship, which began soon after the end of Gotterba and Travolta’s relationship.

“Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he’d had a homosexual relationship with John Travolta in the 1980s,” Britz said. “Doug said John was constantly grabbing at his genital area, but he put up with John’s sexual advances because working for him was ‘lucrative.’”

Britz said “lucrative” meant that he was Travolta’s “right hand man.”

“I personally saw about two minutes of Doug’s home video showing John Travolta sitting at the end of a bed with his shirt off,” Britz said. “There were plates of food in front of him. The video appeared to be shot in a hotel room.”

Britz told the magazine that Gotterba said he was the one who ended the relationship, mostly because he was began to feel no attractiveness toward Travolta due to his personal hygiene and weight gain.

“After a few years, Doug grew apart from John sexually, and John’s advances eventually started to repulse him,” Britz said. “The relationship ended shortly thereafter.”

Their comments have come soon after Travolta had been fighting two counts of sexual assault against two masseurs who say Travolta sexually abused them.

Travolta has been married to actress Kelly Preston since 1991. They have two living children, 12-year-old Ella Bleu and two-year-old Benjamin. Their first child, Jett, passed away when he was 17 years old.

Neither Travolta nor his reps have commented on the story.

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Recently Posted Comments
Date: 15 August, 2012
Posted by: Chloe
Comment: Something is way off here! If you have a six year relationship with someone you would have more than a picture of a man eating food without a shirt on.I don't believe any of it because as slimy as Doug sounded he would of gotten the goods on John and sued him! These people are liars!
Date: 25 July, 2012
Posted by: michael j lambright
Comment: well, marc, you fucking mouth breather - it matters be cause travolta is a liar and you're a fag.
Date: 24 July, 2012
Posted by: Marc
Comment: So.The.Fuck.What.
Date: 24 July, 2012
Posted by: Dominick
Comment: This "news" is over SIX WEEKS OLD. Also, somebody needs to be proofreading or doing their fact checking more carefully. Robert Britz is not "a different former boyfriend of Travolta" but allegedly Doug Gotterba's ex. Lame.
Date: 24 July, 2012
Posted by: Peat
Comment: Who gives a shit? Who gives a fuck?
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