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WTF, Sarah Palin?
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27 Jan 2011 11:01 PM EST

- by Jorge Vargas, Editor-in-Chief; Image: Sarah Palin mocked President Obama's Winning the Future-themed State of the Union address by referring to it by the acronym of "WTF" (Image Source: USA Today)

President Barack Obama's "Winning the Future" State of the Union address focused mostly on economic matters. 

Though lacking in substance, Obama spoke of the United States needing what he called a new Sputnik moment.According to Obama, the United States needs another generational inspiration that will drive the nation to embrace a second age of greatness.

His dream is not quite as exciting as the U.S. space race with the Soviets in the 1950s.  Instead of putting a man on the moon, the goal for Obama is getting 80% of Americans within distance of a high-speed rail-line.  He also spoke of wi-fi for Americans.Obama also stopped to praise the withdrawal from Iraq and to criticize the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy that he recently approved in order to make a deal with the Republicans.

Obama's State of the Union was certainly heavy on high-sounding language but it was highly lacking in terms of concrete proposals and the delineation of accomplishments.  The president resorted to comparing the U.S. to other countries far too often and, in many cases, in scenarios that were out of context.

Instead of focusing on those concrete criticisms, the former governor of Alaska and current big star for the Republicans called Obama's "Winning the Future" address the "WTF" address. 

"His theme last night in the State of the Union was the “WTF,” you know, “Winning the Future.” And I thought, “OK, that acronym, spot on.” There were a lot of “WTF” moments throughout that speech," she said during her Fox News show on Wednesday.

Palin, a mother and public figure, resorted to constantly making her "WTF" pun in regards to the president's nationally televised address.

The joke, which showed the sophistication level of a high school freshman, was not so much offensive (who really cares about her opinion, really?) as it was childish and just one more example of the fact that her presence on the national scene is becoming increasingly more annoying to those politicians who are looking to do serious business and to make genuine improvements to the country.

Sarah Palin is showing that she is lacking in ideas to solve the nation's problems and that her real agenda is to hide her lack of solutions with childish jokes.  The sad part is that people are actually watching her show in order to form political opinions against the president.

Let there be no mistake on one point:  Obama's address was very much lacking in concrete proposals and it reeked, at times, of hypocrisy and manipulation.  This was evident when he criticized acts which he extended and when he spoke of Iraq as an example for the world when he so bitterly criticized U.S. involvement in Iraq during the 2008 elections. 

But to resort to cheap jokes and childish puns is not constructive.  Sarah Palin, with her ignorant puns, her questionable cross-hairs, and her refusal to accept any criticism whatsoever, needs to step aside and let serious people do the job of governing this country. 

Palin is, for better or worse, a bad joke that even actor Tracy Morgan took a stab at tonight on TNT before the Knicks-Heat game.  What's difficult to tell is whether her "WTF" pun was more distasteful than Morgan's insinuation that men masturbate to Sarah Palin or vice versa.

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Date: 12 October, 2011
Posted by: Joe Santorini
Comment: Come on, people. You are all just jealous of Sarah -- beautiful (more so than BHO), accomplished (more so than BHO), and someone who has more sense, intellect, and compassion than BHO. He's killing the country and you folks are just standing by, griping and complaining about Sarah. Geez, get a fricking life!
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