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'Bridezillas' Recap: Jilted at the Reception - A 'Bridezilla' First
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3 Jul 2012 08:38 AM EST

-by Paige Sugarman, Contributing Writer; Image: Jeanine of Bridezillas (Image Source: WE)

Anyone who’s ever watched the WE TV show Bridezillas comes to the end of the episode with a couple of questions.

First of all, knowing that every bride who appears on the show comes off in a horrible light, who on earth would respond to a casting call? Sure, the brides are compensated, but how much money do the producers have to pay them to make absolute fools of themselves and basically wreck their own weddings? Then again, some brides seem intent on our wrecking their weddings all on their own.

Enter Jeanine, star of Bridezillas episodes 602, 603, and 604. Because it took three episodes to encapsulate her particular brand of crazy.

Jeanine is marrying Thomas, a seemingly affable guy who may have fathered Jeanine’s child (one of his groomsmen advises him to “pay the child support and run,” so we can assume the kid is his, but otherwise, the children are thankfully left out of this mess of an episode). Sure, Thomas cheated on Jeanine at one point, after which Jeanine wrestled a proposal out of him, but otherwise, he seems to patiently sit on the sidelines and talk sense as Jeanine constantly screams at him, kicks and hits him, and insults his entire family in front of his face.

Which brings us to the next question any watcher of any Bridezilla episode eventually asks herself: why on earth are these men marrying these women? And if the women were behaving okay before the wedding drama hit, why on earth do they stay with these women once their true ‘Zilla colors begin to show? Or at least postpone the wedding to get some serious counseling, or, if it’s really the stress of the wedding that’s causing the psychotic outbursts, why not cancel the big to-do and book a couple of plane tickets to Vegas?

This season of Bridezillas has already seen some grooms taking a stand. Earlier this season, one groom decided to “get revenge” on his bride by responding, “Can I speak to Marlene for a moment?” after the officiant prompted him for his I-dos.

But nothing—nothing—can hold a candle to what Thomas did to his bride Jeanine. Because Thomas just said no to the marriage.

At the reception, at his breaking point after a senseless attack Jeanine waged on her new father-in-law, Thomas took off his ring and stepped away from all the craziness. And to Thomas, I have to say, “A-men!

Jeanine wasn’t just any garden variety Bridezilla. From her crazy demon eyes to her serious anger management issues to her, let’s face it, just plain abuse of her fiancé—there was no way the marriage was going to be a healthy one.

We watch Jeanine at the bus stop in her wedding dress, dramatically waiting for a bus alone, then approaching her sister to repeatedly ask her (scream at her) “Got change? Got change? Got change?” We hear her, as her newly single husband comes by to try to calm her down, screaming, “We’re done!  We’re done!  We’re done!”

In her mind, she is the one who has done the dumping, but what does it matter? The marriage is over, for the entire hour or so it lasted. It’s spiraling into oblivion right in front of the cameras, but how bad can we feel for the bride? Thomas’s father is positively smiling when he realizes that he won’t have to reckon with a nefarious daughter-in-law any longer.

“The devil is beautiful,” Jeanine exclaims at the beginning of her TV debut, when the producers ask her what it means to be a Bridezilla. This annulment, Jeanine, is the most beautiful thing we’ve seen all season.

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Recently Posted Comments
Date: 22 July, 2012
Posted by: karly
Comment: I am watching this again!! I am cackling with laughter; could've have happened to a lovlier person!! I mean 3 episodes of emasculating Thomas, disrespectful to his whole family, your family & he is supposed to be married to this??? ... Jeanine, do us a favor & swirlie yourself or put a plastic bag over your head & stop this madness!! I have never seen such a useless, evil, senseless, loveless mess of a female wonder men don't have hope in women; not when we act like this & vice versa. But anyways, kudos to you Thomas, I am sure you look at this & say, wow, I dodged a big bullet!! Leaving her actually added 20+ years to your life ....
Date: 8 July, 2012
Posted by: Melly
Comment: Jeanine was horrible. I mean just horrible. I felt bad for Thomas the whole time and was trying to figure out what in the world he saw in her! Welp, it seems they're still having problems and he doesn't live with her according to an interview she gave. Good for you Thomas! Get rid of this trash box and find someone that appreciates you and doesn't feel like they're presence in your life has upgraded YOU! Like they're doing You a favor!
Date: 8 July, 2012
Posted by: Jacqui
Comment: Jeanine is one of the most horrible people I have ever seen in my life. I was just hoping so bad Thomas would see what everyone else saw and just leave her!!! What a terrible person. There are so many other women who do not act ANYTHING like that, and he deserves to find someone without serious psychological issues.
Date: 8 July, 2012
Posted by: Mina
Comment: I couldn't figure out what Thomas saw in that chick. Not only ugly on the outside but her personality! Sooo glad he finally got a backbone but what woulda been classic is if he said no when rev asked do u
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