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Thursday Celebrity News: Moms, Matchmaker, McConaughey and 'Magic'
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14 Jun 2012 09:28 AM EST

-by Molly C. Braswell, Staff Writer; Image: Britney in her Daisy Dukes (Image Source: Celeb Buzz)

Work Out Momma: Jessica Simpson is wasting no time trying to get back into those Daisy Dukes. She has again been seen leaving her trainer’s house in gym clothes. She not only has 40-50ish lbs. to lose, but she has also signed on to be the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Working out to make money? Well, that’s very excellent motivation.

Speaking of Daisy Dukes: Britney Spears was seen making a trip to a bakery in Santa Barbara wearing—get this—a printed and mesh halter top, short denim shorts and a pair of UGGs. Well, she is from the backwoods.

Those Who Can’t Do...: Patti “The Millionaire Matchmaker” Stanger has helped many a woman find many a millionaire, but she has never been able to find the love of her life, millionaire or not. The 51-year-old has planned to adopt a fourth-generation matchmaker. The adoption paperwork should be finished at the end of June.

‘Suprised’ Ex-Sweetheart: Liam Hemsworth’s high school sweetheart and girlfriend of six years Laura Griffin says she was “a little surprised” and in “shock” when she heard from the media that he and Miley Cyrus became engaged. It’s okay, sweetheart, we all were.

Steadfast Stripper: When Matt Bomer signed-on to play a very, very hot male stripper in the upcoming Magic Mike movie, he probably never thought about the manscaping requirements. He, and his other very, very hot male stripping co-stars, probably didn’t expect so much grooming their roles required. He said the process was not “fun” and doesn’t plan on ever waxing, shaving, etc... again. Well, the “authenticity” is important to that part of the filming preparation.

Unhappy Hewitt: Unfortunately, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s mother Patricia died due to her fight against cancer. She was 67. Hewitt’s rep gave no further comment.

Perks of Marrying McConaughey: Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey proposed to girlfriend and baby momma Camila Alves on Christmas Day, and the two got hitched last weekend. That’s lovely and all, but read about the baubles on the bride. Alves wore her huge engagement ring, and she also wore an Indian-inspired diamond headpiece and 10-carat, pear-shaped diamond earrings. That’s not too shabby at all.

“Seriously?!” of Thursday Morning: Celeb Trainer Harley Pasternak has helped more than 250 celebrities work to achieve body envy, but his one tip for everyone is quite simple. He says to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. Wait?! All you have to do is walk? Not run, weight lift, spin, bike, etc...? That number seems extreme, but those steps can be achieved by changing your lifestyle in very small ways. Get a pedometer and park “your car a little further away, take the stairs and get off the subway one stop earlier,” he says. Who knew a healthy and slimmer lifestyle was so easy?

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