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Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never Makes Interviewer Cry, Arrested for Pot Possession
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5 Jun 2012 04:19 PM EST

-by Stephanie Ortiz, Staff Writer; Image: BryanStars and Christofer Drew (Image Source: Stuff You Will Hate Blog)

Frontman of Never Shout Never Christofer Drew was arrested for marijuana possession hours after filming an egotistical and rude interview with music blogger BryanStars.

Controversy has spread across the internet after BryanStars, 21, released raw footage of the interview between himself and the band. The band members were seen acting arrogant, disconnected and insulted Bryan’s YouTube show. When the interview finished, host Bryan Stars is shown crying after the talk with the trio.

It came to light hours after the interview, Drew, 21, was arrested for possessing weed when he wrote on Twitter, “out of jail in my bed... life is gewd. nighty nite.” Adding “got cot wit pot.”

People are now suspecting Drew was high during the filming of the interview, sparking a debate between fans as to whether the musician has a drug problem. Either way, marijuana should not be an excuse for the singer’s boorish behavior.

Recently he has publicly talked about reaching “higher levels” and claims to be “enlightened” while posting several pictures of him smoking weed via Twitter. Many believe this apparent attitude may have resulted from some kind of addiction or “letting his fame go to his head.”

A source close to us spent time on their tour bus in the fall and says the band was rude, and in particular, Drew poked fun at the screaming fans outside. There was also much marijuana being passed around the bus as another source mentioned, when not onstage, “All I’ve seen him [Drew] do is get high and have sex.”

Watch the full interview below featuring footage from their 2010 interview and their aforementioned recent interview:

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Recently Posted Comments
Date: 17 December, 2015
Posted by: Smoll bean
Comment: I don't think that was a dick move. Bryan's questions were lame tbh. He might have been a little rude saying that on camera, but dang Bryan needs to ask questions based on his music. We don't need to know about their personal life. And he interviewed 2 members out of three u till the end.
Date: 16 November, 2015
Posted by: o man
Comment: Okay, if people are still reading this as new news... Chris has already apologized. What he did was a dick move and I LOVE Brian, but it's seriously time to move on. This happened 3 years ago. They're over it. Chris is a lot nicer now, and he deserves a second chance.
Date: 5 October, 2015
Posted by: WENDY
Comment: wait, who saw him having lots of sex? can he have sex with me, ugh my dream i wanna get wild with him.
Date: 5 October, 2015
Posted by: Aubree
Comment: I think Chris was extremely arrogant but i suppose thats what drugs will do to you .Chris knew exactly what kind of questions Bryan would ask,Bryan is known for his silly questions.I don\\\\\\\'t care how high he was that was completely rude i mean seriously this poor guy drove for 7 hours just to be completely disrespected and embarassed.If you guys didnt want an interview you should have told bryan before he drove all that way.Chris is such a hypocrite telling bryan to stop being goofy and be serious dude how about you take your own advice,being goofy and odd is what your known for so if you want him to stop then i guess you shold change the whole band image and be serious.I love you Christofer Drew but what you did to Bryan Starz was messed up what you did in that interview is the opposite of everything never shout never stands for and another thing when you go to jail for possesion of marijuana dont tweet about it
Date: 31 May, 2015
Posted by: AllyP
Comment: Dude, I cannot believe people are defending Chris for this bullshit. All three of them were being complete assholes. There is a much more respectful way for him to give constructive cricism, but what he said actually was not constructive at all. Calling his show \"a joke\" and accusing his show and his interviews as being \"bullshit\" is not constructive criticism, those are straight up insults. I understand what Chris was saying, but the way he said it and the way he attacked him like that was demeaning. There is a much more constructive and respectful ways that he could have given helpful suggestions that could improve him as an interviewer. First off, he shouldn\'t have said anything of that shit during the interview. He should have pulled him aside afterwards. Second, you don\'t fucking insult someone like that and expect them to take criticism seriously. The better way to go about that would be by him suggesting that he ask more specific questions or something or even giving more specific answers. Many of his questions were broad, which is what an interviewer is supposed to do because it leaves room for conversation. They could have given him more lengthy answers and more specific ones as well. For instance, when he asked which song was their favorite, they could have answered honestly and given and in depth explanation. What people aren\'t understanding and what Chris does not understand is that it\'s not necessarily the interviewer\'s job to do extreme analyses on a band\'s music, that\'s just a plus. It\'s their job to help the fan base know the band as a person, and honestly I think he did exactly that because now we know just narcissistic and inconsiderate they all are.(-:
Date: 27 July, 2014
Posted by: AlexaRae
Comment: I think that whole thing was bullshit. Who cares if he was high or not, it doesn't change that he was being a jerk. Yah he ask funny questions! He gets things out of the bands that you wouldn't normally know. You get to know the band in a different way, your more connected. But he has serious questions too. It's not all jokes. According to who the band is and what kind of interview you had in the pass with him, is what he is basing the questions off of. He prepares them before. Should've told him before the interview to ask serious questions, you know bryan stars! And the whole band wasn't in the mood for the interview so instead of being jerks they should of told him to have the interview another time or not at all. Not embarrass him in front of the New York Times, throw his papers on the floor, and give him more pressure than he already needed. Plus when you say that his show is a joke then your a joke. You said you don't insult people! News flash that was an insult. You said that music is what you put your time into and it's what you really love and dedicate your time to. Well so does bryan. Music is your career, a reporter is his. He works hard for his viewers and your fans, and you blow it in his face! Shame on you. The questions he asked was questions your fans asked him to ask you. So I think the whole thing was bull shit. My opinion. Let's all just hope that never shout never can learn To be nice and kind again and not have egos as they said that they hate.
Date: 2 March, 2014
Posted by: Patricia Hope Pel
Comment: I\'m not really a big fan of nevershoutnever but in my opinion, I think there is nothing wrong with what christofer says. I mean that is a serious answer, like what he says, he is just being real, that is better than being fake. I don\'t think he says something wrong. Not saying than bryanstars is wrong, yeah he is just doing his job, but deal with the answers.
Date: 13 December, 2013
Posted by: Dahvie lee
Comment: I feel so bad for Chris he's so adorable and I know he smokes but he would never do drugs in an interview
Date: 20 September, 2013
Posted by: Stephanie G
Comment: Christofer Drew is right bryan stars is cool and all but when it comes to music its diffrent dont joke around be serious when interviewing others about thier band love you nsn<3
Date: 11 September, 2013
Posted by: Kim
Comment: Even when BryanStars is insulted he still has class and isn't rude to the band or it's members, exactly why I have respect for Bryan and not Christofer.
Date: 1 September, 2013
Posted by: nat
Comment: hey, okay chris I love him and his music so much but he shouldn't have said anything rude like they say if you have nothing nice to say don't say it ? !but I fell like chris was honest and said he did love him but really chris we all expected better from him...........just saying I love him and always will but he just needs ti watch what he says.
Date: 15 August, 2013
Posted by: Tom
Comment: I feel bad for Bryan. His interviews are always awesome! He really didn\'t deserve to be talked down to like this!
Date: 8 July, 2013
Posted by: Youre wrong
Comment: Bryan could have not posted anything in the first place, they both looked bad anyways.
Date: 1 July, 2013
Posted by: Vanessa Santini
Comment: F*ck christofer. He's an a**hole. Bryan didn't deserve any of that. NSNs music has become shit because of Chris's attitude. I hope the "band" sees this. Idk why I saw 5 minutes of your guys set at warp. Sucked.
Date: 19 June, 2013
Posted by: Kaitlin
Comment: All the stuff Christofer is GOING THROUGH!?! LMFAO. He acted like a jerk, he needs to get off drugs, and stop letting fame get to his head. I am a huge fan of NSN, but it's time for tough love. He's a bully, and there is NO excuse for it.
Date: 13 June, 2013
Posted by: allison turner
Comment: Okay. Stop saying bad stuff about Christofer. You have no idea what he goes through. Okay?! He's a great person. How would you feel if people talked bad about you?? You wouldn't like it! Stop doing this. Y'all are jerks. Kai? Christofer drew is beautiful. He is creative. He makes one mistakes and you judge him? Wow, classy. Leave him alone.
Date: 11 April, 2013
Posted by: Myria
Comment: OMFG This is so sad. Poor Bryan!!!
Date: 8 April, 2013
Posted by: Lana
Comment: Guys, Bryan couldn't of stopped the interview! He was there to be photographed by the New York City times, and in respect of the band he chose them to be in the photo next to him! They knew about it and were jerks. Even if the interview wasn't there exact style, they could have sucked it up and took one for the team! Bryan idolized them, and chose them to thank him for inspiring them! If they had sucked it up and not have attacked Bryan, the interview would have gone fine!
Date: 8 April, 2013
Posted by: Morgan
Comment: Christopher Drew called me a hypocritical slut when I asked him what was going on with him in the interview. He then had me thrown off the property even though I wasn't attempting to be rude, I was just curious if he was in a bad mindset at the time. I really wanted to meet him, and he pulled a dick mood by making me cry even when I tried to tell him I was just curious.
Date: 8 April, 2013
Posted by: Olivia
Comment: I WOULD LIKE TO SAY SOMETHING TO ALL YOU STUPID PEOPLE. If you know who BryanStars is, then you know he isn't all about the serious interviews, he is about allowing the fans to get to know the artists. Andy Biersack has said it himself, Bryan lets them be silly, and goofy. Bryan said himself in a response to this that he adjusts his interviews to his guests, and after a previously funny interview he felt Chris would be into it. HE DID HAVE SERIOUS QUESTIONS, BUT WHEN THEY GRABBED THEM THEY SHUFFLED THEM AROUND AND DROPPED THE SHEET HE HAD WITH THE SERIOUS QUESTIONS. He said he felt attacked, and as anyone would know in that situation you would become frazzled and obviously not at the top of your game! Christopher Drew was WAY out of line, considering Bryan chose NSN to appear next to him in the NYC times as a thank you to them for the first interview. CHRISTOPHER SCREWED BRYAN OVER BIG TIME, AFTER BRYAN WAS TRYING TO THANK THEM FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAD EVER DONE FOR THEM BY GIVING THEM FREE PUBLICITY. Christopher needs to practice what he preaches and quit being arrogant. I used to be a HUGE fan of NSN, I am not some random person. I BOUGHT EVERY SINGLE ALBUM, SINGLE, AND ft. THEY EVER DID AND HAVE SEEN THEM IN CONCERT MORE THAN ONCE. I would also like to add when I met Chris a few weeks after seeing this interview he told I needed to Jesus because I was wearing a white band tanktop and you could see my white bra a little bit, and refused to sign anything or take a picture with me after I waited 3 HOURS! Later on that night, after he was both drunk and high, he tried to get my friend to go back to the bus with them when he saw her and I at a bar/cafe. MY FRIEND WAS 16 AND WHEN SHE TOLD HIM HE JUST LAUGHED AND SAID IT WASNT A PROVLEM! I have no respect for him AT ALL! Christopher Drew can suck my non existant DICK! Bryan is an amazing guy, and when I met him for the first time he teared up over how much I loved him and was more than willing to take a picture with me!
Date: 18 March, 2013
Posted by: Denise
Comment: Okay. Now before I start this, I would just like to say that I am a Nevershoutnever fan, and have been there since practically the beginning. Now when I heard about this I honestly came here expecting to see my idol and inspiration make a mockery of himself. But what I saw were two completely different interviews. The first one was good, and I liked it. I also like the fact that Bryan did really focus on the band and the music and their lives. The second one I could tell that they seemed pretty tired and like not really into it. The questions were ridiculous, and I know and realize that they came from fans, but they should have picked questions that were a little more about the music and them than about I don\'t know stupid things, like how to break up with a girl. Chris wanted to talk about his music and passion and probably their new album coming up to let the fans know more about what they have been up to. I do feel that Chris got a little to frustrated in the end, but so would I. I also think that Bryan should not have put in the last part of him crying and stuff. That was uncalled for and not at all necessary. Now both interviews were filmed at two different time periods. They were 2 years apart from each other. The first was probably when Chris was 19/20 years old, and the second was when he was 21/22 years of age. That is a long time and people change and grow up a little bit. He was younger in the first one and seemed more energetic, and he was also a brand new artist practically. Bryan was wrong for posting the part of him crying, and also not respecting the band. And Chris was wrong for letting his temper get to him. That\'s it. But I did meet Chris just the other night at SXSW, while he was walking down the street (definitely on his way to meet up with people) and he was very kind to me. I wold him I was a big fan and that he was my inspiration. And he shook my hand asked me for my name and then proceeded to Thank me for the support and signed my guitar. I feel like Chris is just trying to be a real person and not bullshit people. But like I said they were both in the wrong. And people fuck up. It\'s only natural. Do not sit there and tell me you have never fucked up or been \"arrogant\" or been a complete \"idiot for asking someone dumb questions.\"
Date: 8 March, 2013
Posted by: Sophia
Comment: Well, maybe to a certain degree, Chris was right...The interview should be about the music and the passion, but he didn't have to be rude about it...Then again, he has been interviewed by BryanStars before, so he should know the way he interviews band members and such. Chris's attitude was disgusting, he was hypocritical and egotistical. It was really rude of him to just leave with the other band member during the interview. If anything that little apology on Twitter was just a lie to get his fans back and since he claimed to be on acid, that's no excuse to treat someone so badly. And they're playing at Warped Tour this year, I really hope Christofer Drew doesn't call his fans stupid or a joke.
Date: 7 March, 2013
Posted by: Sophia
Comment: Christofer Drew's attitude towards Bryan was disgusting and purely despicable, he was arrogant and just rude.
Date: 23 February, 2013
Posted by: Raegan
Comment: I love Chris and his band, but I hate the way he can be so arrogant.
Date: 18 February, 2013
Posted by: Amber
Comment: Christopher has done an interview with Bryan before so he knows his interview style already. If he didn\'t want to do the interview he could\'ve told him no before bryan drove 7 hours just to get his show made fun of. If he did only music questions, the video would be more boring. I want to learn things NO OTHER people ask them about, not common questions.
Date: 11 January, 2013
Posted by: cina
Comment: swearing is not cool .....i like the interviewer..he is cool...good expose
Date: 5 January, 2013
Posted by: grace
Comment: This makes me sad fer chris :*(
Date: 2 January, 2013
Posted by: collin
Comment: Personally. The interview was bad on Bryan\'s part. It has nothing to do with weed. Or interviews or anything. The bands general message is to live in the moment. To take your hearts path and broaden your mind with whatever guilty pleasures we can enjoy in life. With good intentions of course, nothing to hurt your body. But if there\'s something wrong with fun, sex and drugs (correction marijuana) then there\'s obviously either too Mich corruption or too many people with that hold their heads higher than their hearts. With their morals. I\'m not even a fan. I can just appreciate the bands message and people who give interviews like Bryan dance around the message that the band is trying to project and make them seem like sell outs.
Date: 21 December, 2012
Posted by: shelby
Comment: i just feel like everyone messes up, things happen. chris is not a bad person for his mistakes and neither is bryan. mistakes are mistakes. shit happens.
Date: 18 August, 2012
Posted by: Lisa
Comment: In The interview Bryan APOLOGIZED for it.. Chris didnt have to act like a dick about it & Bryan tried to ask a serious question but all he got was a "um.. I dont know" & Whats wrong about having silly questions? He asks serious questions too. His interviews just let you see a funner side of the band members but I guess NSN want to be all serious then they shouldnt excepted the interview request.. Watchinf Bryan cry was really sad.. Chris should atleast apologize..
Date: 15 August, 2012
Posted by: Megan Lykins
Comment: i think Chris was wayy out of line ...
Date: 29 July, 2012
Posted by: Laura
Comment: I think that both Bryan Stars and Christofer Drew were in the wrong here. Bryan should have stopped the interview when the mood became uncomfortable - 40 minutes is a very long interview. Secondly, Christofer Drew should have just been more humble and accepted the interview for what it was - mindless banter. Getting angry at Bryanstarz for asking stupid questions is kind of going on the Graham Norton show and being angry because of the red-chair segment. It's just what Bryan does. He asks silly questions. I think the whole experience was very humbling for Chris and hopefully he can grow as a person. Also, hopefully, Bryan can learn to become more professional.
Date: 19 July, 2012
Posted by: marina
Comment: i agree with alyssa. all this is bullshit
Date: 14 July, 2012
Posted by: Sarah
Comment: Mmhh... I agree with the opinion of this guy named Damon. :3 Watch Damon's opinion on Christofer Drew's interview on YouTube. (Find it on his channel: Deefizzy) :D
Date: 7 July, 2012
Posted by: Alyssa
Comment: This is bullshit. Christofer is fine, lots of people do drugs and shit. Bryan was being an idiot, sure maybe Chris came down a bit hard but like who the hell makes a rude video than come back for an interview?
Date: 23 June, 2012
Posted by: april
Comment: i dnt agree i think christofer is right i mean weed dose make you ack differnt maybe he wa'nt tying to make that an excuse !
Date: 10 June, 2012
Posted by: J
Comment: I completely agree. Chris had an interview with Bryan before and seemed to enjoy his questions. He knew he would get the same type of questions provided by the interviewer as they had an interview with him previously (and Bryan is known for giving fun, serious-but-not-serious interviews). For one, Chris accused Bryan of only focusing on him and not the rest of the band, when one of the band members threw Bryan's question papers on the floor while the other member looked like he was about to fall asleep, barely being able to utter a word, while Chris acted nothing but rude and Bryan attempted his best at including them all in the questions (literally, one-by-one). And then Chris goes on about how Bryan's questions are bullsh*t and how he should focus on asking musicians questions about there music, when the band knew very well what type of questions they would get. They should not have agreed to an interview in the first place. The way Chris abruptly left Bryan alone, hardly acknowledging him and leaving the interview right away disgusted me. He says he doesn't want people having an "ego", yet he has one of the biggest egos I've seen in years. What an absolute hypocrite -- so much for "spreading peace and love". I truly pity "Never Shout Never"'s repulsive attitude. I hope Bryan doesn't have to go through that crap again, considering he had the New York Times with him AND he had to drive 7 hours to get to the band. He doesn't deserve it, honestly -- he's a good guy while Chris clearly has changed and is no longer one.
Date: 7 June, 2012
Posted by: jackie
Comment: WOW CAN YOU SAY BIASED! And i dont know where you got your sources but im pretty sure Chris doesnt have sex with random fans because if he did all those little fan girls would be like OMGG!!! So try to make a respectable article. You guys are such hypocrites the band was soo unprofeesional so are you look up the word bias....
Date: 7 June, 2012
Posted by: Gloria
Comment: I watched the whole 44 minute video and I dont feel Chris was being rude at all he was being real the whole time.Some of the questions no actually most of them were bullshit "whats your favorite thing about chris's body" what kind of question is that.Chris wanted to talk about music and wanted the attention on the whole band not only him but bryan wasnt doing that if it were me I would react like chris did .
Date: 7 June, 2012
Posted by: Dexter
Comment: NSN had been interviewed by Bryan before. They knew what his interview would be like. The fact that they were complaining over the questions is laughable, especially because their own fans asked Bryan to ask them those questions. Drew deserves every little bit of hate he gets for this.
Date: 6 June, 2012
Posted by: Tyler
Comment: You guys are stupid. this was not rude at all. it was very funny and more people should be like Chris.
Date: 6 June, 2012
Posted by: Elyssa ®
Comment: In al fairness, Christopher was being true from the heart and Bryan was asking silly questions. It's truly about the music, the passion, the ambition, and the love. Some fans don't care about breaking up and rumors. They want to know about the true love and the back story of it all. I do apologize for the misunderstandings anyone might have had, but you gotta remember the difference been arrogant and honesty. As for marijuana, some of The worlds best creators are under the influence of marijuana. Edgar Allen Poe was and he wrote phenomenal books. You shouldn't say anything about that if it brings out the truth and the creativity in someone. Everyone's been high least once, whether it be 1st hand or 2nd hand. Stay true to who you are and don't let anything bring you down. Yours Truly, Elyssa.<3
Date: 6 June, 2012
Posted by: David
Comment: At 20 min into this video, I was hoping these guys would whip his ass & throw the nerd out! The stupidest questions I've ever heard. I'd never heard of this band until I saw this video, so this is either the worse nightmare interview for a band to sit through or one of the greatest publicity stunts of all time.
Date: 6 June, 2012
Posted by: f-ck drew
Comment: The fans asked those questions for Bryan to ask. Christofer Drew is an arrogant bastard.
Date: 6 June, 2012
Posted by: Emily
Comment: Shit happens. They were just trying to be real. Calm down.
Date: 6 June, 2012
Posted by: Melissa
Comment: Lost alot of respect for him wish he stayed in jail longer!! >.<
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