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Pup Parking Meters Popping Up around NYC
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30 Nov 2015 12:14 PM EST

-by Yuliya Geikhman, Staff Writer; Image: A lonely dog tied to a pole (Image Source: macinate on Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

When you leave your dog outside a store, you’re leaving him in potential danger of everything from breaking loose to being dog-napped.

Brooklyn-based Chelsea Brownridge has the solution: the “dog parker,” a small kennel along New York City sidewalks where you can safely leave your dog while you go places they’re not allowed.

The dog parker is a pay-by-the-minute, temperature controlled kennel. They’re designed to be comfortable for the pooch, safely locked by radio signals, and equipped with webcams so the dog can be monitored.

Brownridge got the idea for this service from the many times she’s had to leave her own dog Winston at home because her trips included having breakfast with some friends. Like many other dog owners, Brownridge did not feel safe tying her dog up outside.

“I ran into this problem dozens of times,” Brownridge told the NY Post. “It was a bummer because it was a nice day and he wasn’t going to be able to go outside.”

The pilot program is kicking off with two models tested at Dekalb Avenue in Fort Greene. By mid-December, Brownridge hopes to have eight additional containers, and 100 by late spring.

“You get a range of responses, from, ‘Wow, great,’ to, ‘Seriously?’ to, ‘Do they have one for kids?’” said Keith Goldberg, owner of Baguetteaboutit where one of the kennels is currently located.

The other is parked outside Adrianna Spence’s Fort Greene General Store.

Pricing will be at 20 cents per minute or $12 an hour, and will require membership through an app, which will cost an additional $25 per year. Members will be able to check ahead and “book” a kennel 15 minutes before they get there.

At the moment the two test kennels are being held in place by locks, but in the future they will be bolted to the ground.

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