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Second Edition of 'SlamBamDance' Rocks Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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13 Sep 2015 11:14 PM EST

-by Drew Kolar, Editor; Image: Dave Guggino and one of the SlamBamDance dancers close out the show with Ice Balloons. (Image Source: Drew Kolar)

SlamBamDance opened up the summer of 2015 with an exciting mix of live music and dance, so what better way to close out the season than another amazing show?

Dancer, choreographer and executive producer Dave Guggino brought his creation back to the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a second show on Sunday, September 13, and yet again rocked the house. This time, the show featured a new set of bands, two new choreographers, and more dance numbers than before.

On what may be considered the first weekend of the fall season (although we do technically have until Wednesday, September 23, until the end of summer), SlamBamDance still enticed a decent crowd out to enjoy the eclectic set of musicians and dancers on a Sunday evening. Each set brought a different vibe to the table, and the choreographers definitely helped set the mood along the way.

Sunday’s performance featured choreography by Guggino, as well as Spoken Motioncreator Katrina Phillip and Praevado Dance Collective Artistic Director Holly Maddock.

The show openers, Sun Voyager, brought a shoegaze/stoner-rock vibe to the table. Guggino himself opened the set with a tribal-like number, surrounded by three female dancers. Yet another dance involved a (very attractive) man performing to a laid-back, somewhat trippy song that encompassed the entire opener—the set overall was very chill with a hint of grunge.

Eiko Hara came on second, with what could be described as an electo-pop sound vaguely reminiscent of early Björk. She was seated for most of the set, assumedly to make room for the dancers, but the music definitely drove the set, going through upbeat, dance-worthy music to emotional, reflective moments. Perhaps the most memorable song during the set was a song about being happy and carefree, and the solo dancer put on a great performance where she even took into account her own facial expressions—she embodied happiness for sure.

For the Ice Balloons set, two words: zombie dancers. Ice Balloons were perhaps the most surprising—and most energetic—set of the night. They by far rocked the hardest, at times channeling Nirvana as well as heavier Southern rock (and a bit of Iggy Pop, thanks to the shirtless, fly-masked lead singer). Each dance set was equally fast-paced, and they were for sure the obvious choice to close out the show. Even the “curtain call” was full of energy, undoubtedly preparing the crowd for the post-show DJ set. And yes, for one set, the dancers slinked onto the floor, zombie-like, and performed a dance that was intentionally messy yet perfect (it’s really something to see to understand—but they were perfectly in sync with their moves, even if they were “playing dead,’ so to speak).

SlamBamDance will likely have a new incarnation in the near future, so keep a look out for the next gig—this is an experience that should not be missed for fans of both live music and dance, as the combination is surprisingly hypnotic and will keep you drawn into the performance. Until then, feel free to follow the SlamBamDance website and Facebook page to keep up to date with future amazing dance adventures.

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