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Papaya King Launches First Food Truck
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20 Jun 2014 09:25 AM EST

-by Samantha Wilson, Assistant Editor; Image: The Papaya King on E. 86th St. (Image Source: Seindenstud/Wikimedia Commons)

Famed hot dog stand Papaya King is about to get all that more convenient, taking to the New York City streets as a food truck this summer. According to the New York Daily News, you’ll probably soon be spotting a yellow truck hitting the streets bearing the familiar smiling king icon, holding a hot dog in one hand and a cold drink in the other.

The iconic hot dog purveyor’s first food truck will be tweeting out its midtown Manhattan locations daily starting June 23. The truck will, of course, feature its famous hot dogs — all beef, grilled and naturally cased. They’ve been the go-to hot dog in NYC since famous faces like the Beatles scarfed them down on their trip to the States, and never looked back. 

But the truck won’t just be selling dogs; they’ll be showcasing their wide range of tropical juices as well. Juice selections include the Papaya King, mango, orange, piña colada, orange, and Coconut Champagne — also referred to as “the Martha Stewart.” 

“The juices are the supporting actors,” said Papaya King owner Wayne Rosenbaum, who also mentioned the truck’s selection of treats like deep fried Oreos, fried pickles and onion rings for sale. “We’ll be a tropical oasis in the concrete jungle.”

Papaya King has been often imitated but never replicated. Competing franchises like Gray’s Papaya and Papaya Heaven have come and gone, but Papaya King has truly stood the test of time, still standing since the 1930s. With the birth of the new food truck, this will mark the third location in NYC where you can grab a hot dog from Papaya King.

Their other locations sit at E. 86th Street and on St. Marks Place.

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